Beholding The Lamb
www.beholdingthelamb.com                                              Lloyd R. Hedberg Jr.                                          Email: lloydhedberg@beholdingthelamb.com
It is for lovers of our Lord and His Word.

Confessors of His Grace in our lives, and the  
lives of those He has called to Himself in truth.

Seekers wanting to learn from Him what His
plan is, through each one, to effect change in
themselves, His Church and
the world.

Servants to those who are, like
ourselves, deeply desiring to
be discipled to maturity, while
effectively discipling others.
Site development in progress.

More will be coming very soon.

This will be a constantly growing and
always changing site with new studies
and information available as it gets
identified, written, presented
, and/or
Oh what a blessed thing it is,
to see our Lord
as gift and grace.

Oh what a ransom paid for us;
freedom from sin;
it has no place.  

Oh what a power made us just;
still to us giv'n
to prove His case.

Oh what a joyful place to be,
when trials we gain,
our growth to trace.

Oh what a blessing giv'n us now
to serve Him here,
while in this race.

Oh what a wonder waits ahead,
when we will see
Him face to face.

Site being reworked. More
here soon.
There is no love          as great as that
whch is the Heart       behind the Cross
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